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The eco-sustainable fireproof mattress


90% of its materials are recycled and recyclable so it’s the result of a conscious productive process that tries to reduce the environmental impact promoting a virtuous and circular economy. 

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We help you to communicate in the best way

With a customized communication kit for your business


Rigyclò helps you to be remembered by your customers and to stand out from your competitors.
You will receive a customized communication kit together with every mattress, which can be put in your rooms.

For each Rigyclò mattress you will receive a customized set with different tools that you can use to let your customers know what you are doing for the Planet, so that they can admire the contribution you are giving to the environment thanks to the choice of an eco-sustainable mattress. 

If your customers are not informed they can’t know and let other people know your environmental commitment and the quality and sustainability behind your choices.

La Consapevolezza in un Materasso.

Aiutiamo il Pianeta.
Una notte alla volta.


Per ogni materasso Rigyclò...

0 143

la plastica eliminata dagli oceani

0 33

l'acqua risparmiata per la produzione

0 2

piantati per neutralizzare la CO2 emessa

Una nuova era per il riposo

Un materasso per
sognare il futuro


Rigyclò è un materasso innovativo, progettato per unire il comfort del riposo salutare all’attenzione e alla tutela per l’ambiente e la Terra.
Creato per più dell’80% con materiale riciclato e riciclabile, è frutto di un processo produttivo consapevole che ha a cuore la riduzione dell’impatto ambientale e la promozione di un’economia circolare e virtuosa.
Resistenza, comodità e rispetto per l’ambiente possono finalmente convivere.

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The tourist industry that wants to make a difference

Let your guests know how you take care of the environment

hotel e turismo

Nowadays the world of hospitality has to face demanding challenges with growing awareness, in order to grant a quality service to an increasingly informed and demanding clientele. 

Choosing Rigyclò mattresses for your facility you are showing that you are working concretely in a sustainable way. 

Be chosen and recognized, speak with your clients: these are the keys for future opportunities in the world of hospitality. 

We know it’s not easy. It’s important to find points of contact with your guests and one of them is fighting together to save the Earth. 
The furniture of your rooms can make a difference. 

Rigyclò offers high-quality fireproof mattresses, made of more than 80% recycled and recyclable materials, without reducing the comfort and the endurance through time and keeping a good price-quality ratio. 

The best way to let your guests know that you are believing in the same values is demonstrating it with real facts. 

We know that today is really difficult to stand out but at least now it’s possible to have high-quality furniture and a clear positioning on the market. 

“Green” certifications, positive reviews, easy communication with your guests and a strong positioning on the market: this is what the Rigyclò project helps you to obtain. 

A communication kit to let your customers know the importance of eco-sustainable choices
Quality hospitality
Comfortable and long-lasting mattresses where guests will love resting
Safety and guarantee
Fireproof mattresses suitable for every type of accommodation facilities
Search the right mattress for the Earth

Find the right mattress for you


Rigyclò is available with pocket springs or the traditional bonnell springs, according to your needs. 

Each model is available in different heights. The high quality materials are always at least 80% recycled and recyclable.

Rigyclò Pocket

Used recycled material: 89,20%
Available 26/32 cm high

materassi rigyclo


Rigyclò Bonnel

Used recycled material: 87,41
Available 26/32 cm high

materassi rigyclo


Winner of 2023 ArchiProducts Sustainable Award


This year ADA has introduced an amazing news: the Sustainability Award. This award rewards the products with a strong environmental commitment, created with materials that can safeguard the future: recyclable, biodegradable and realized thanks to innovative processes that can reduce the harmful emissions and the environmental impact. These products use and respect nature during their whole life cycle. 

The Rigyclò team is very proud of having won this award among a lot of candidates!

Some data

We sleep helping
the oceans


35 billiard plastic bottles end up in landfills every year. 
Each bottle lasts about 1000 years in the environment.

If you are horrified by all the plastic you see around you, what would you think about what stays at the bottom of seas and oceans? 
Giving a new life to plastic is the only way to start working in a sustainable way. 
For this reason we choose the textile fiber obtained from recycled plastic bottles.

Total recycled material used on average:
88 %
Polyester obtained from recycled PET:
70 %
Recycled and recyclable polyurethane:
100 %
Sustainability becomes real

With this materials you are feeling comfortable today but also taking care of the future


The cover for recycling

The fabric is 100% recycled from PET scattered in the oceans

The padding to save the oceans

It’s made of 70% recycled polyester. Each mattress saves the oceans from 143 plastic bottles!

The interior to save electricity

A 100% recycled polyurethane sheet. 
We reduce the waste that should be disposed of and at the same time the CO2 emissions that would be much higher using virgin polyurethane

La nostra rete


We plant 2 trees for each Rigyclò mattress we produce


We think that every firm should reinvest part of its proceeds in the area where it works. 

We have decided to collaborate with “Consorzio Forestale del Canavese”, the reference point for the forestry and environmental management of our area. It’s a PEFC certified body for local tree planting. Each Rigyclo mattress we sell corresponds to 2 trees we plant. A small action to compensate for the CO2 impact, a big action for the place where we live.

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