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The communication is everything

A complete communication kit for your advertising


Be remembered by your guests
Stand out from the competitors
Create a precise image of your hotel and a positive word of mouth.
If your goals are like these ones you can reach them with the right communication and Rigyclò can help you.

You will receive, together with the mattress, a customized communication kit for your rooms.
If nobody informs your guests they can’t know and let other people know your attention for quality and sustainability.

What the communication kit includes:

For each Rigyclò mattress you will receive a set of customized tools for your facility. In this way your guests will know and admire what you are doing for the Planet by choosing an eco-sustainable mattress. 

The brochure explains the problems that the Rigyclò project tries to face and the positive impact our production has.  

Thanks to the QR code your guests will be able to get more information.

You can also give a discount coupon to your customers if they decide to buy a Rigyclò mattress for their homes. After having tried our mattresses it’s really difficult to do without them!

Be chosen and recognized, speak with guests

Be chosen and recognized, speak with your clients: these are the keys for future opportunities in the world of hospitality. 
We know it’s not easy. It’s important to find points of contact with your guests and one of them is fighting together to save the Earth. 
The furniture of your rooms can make a difference. 

Rigyclò offers high-quality fireproof mattresses, made of more than 80% recycled and recyclable materials, without reducing the comfort and the endurance through time and keeping a good price-quality ratio. 
The best way to let your guests know that you are believing in the same values is demonstrating it with real facts. 
We know that today it’s really difficult to stand out but at least now it’s possible to have high-quality furniture and a clear positioning on the market. 
“Green” certifications, positive reviews, easy communication with your guests and a strong positioning on the market: this is what the Rigyclò project helps you to obtain.

Welcome your guests with care. 

And don’t forget to protect the Earth, that always welcomes you.

Benefits included with the choice of a Rigyclò mattress for hotels:

Visibility on
our website

Customized kit for your rooms

Discount coupon for your guests

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