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Rigyclò helps you to be remembered by your customers and to stand out from competitors. 

You will receive, together with every mattress, a customized communication kit for the equipment of your rooms. 

For each Rigyclò mattress you will receive a customized set with different tools that you can use to let your customers know what you are doing for the Planet, so that they can appreciate the contribution you are giving to the environment thanks to the choice of an eco-sustainable mattress. 

If your customers are not informed they can’t know and let other people know your environmental commitment and the quality behind your choices.

Farti ricordare dai tuoi ospiti.
Contraddistinguerti dalla concorrenza.
Creare per il tuo hotel un’immagine forte e un passaparola costante.
Rigyclò ti aiuta anche in questo: insieme a ogni materasso riceverai un kit di comunicazione personalizzato
per l’allestimento della tua stanza.

Se nessuno li informa, come possono i tuoi ospiti sapere e far sapere ad altri l’impegno che investi, la qualità dietro ogni tua scelta?

The communication kit includes:

A plate for the reception

The customized plate with your logo, that you can put on the reception counter, is the first and very important tool that shows to anyone who arrives at your hotel your commitment to the environment and to the wellness of every customer. 

The counter is fundamental  for your communication: the short wait while the receptionist is doing the check-in is a precious moment when your clients have time to read short descriptions of your activities and commitments, in addition to the values of your structure. 

A plate can do it with discretion but at the same time with a strong visual impact

An exclusive coupon for their future purchases.

For each room with a Rigyclò mattress you will receive a coupon that you can give to your clients so that they can buy the same mattress at a special price. 

The comfort and the unmatched features of Rigyclò mattress will definitely attract your customers’ attention. They can keep this satisfaction in their houses thanks to your hotel and your attention to their wellness.

A brochure for the room

The room is the core of your customers’ experience.
You will receive a customized brochure with your logo for each Rigyclò mattress, you can put it in the rooms.
This brochure explains the problems that Rigyclò project tries to face and the contribution that it gives to the environmental safeguard.
Your customers will be able to know more about this project online, using the QR code inside the brochure.
Give your clients the opportunity to discover your commitment, to learn something new about important topics, to fight together for the safeguard of the Planet.
This customized brochure, simple but at the same time with a strong impact, is the most suitable tool to reach your goal.

Be chosen and recognized, speak with guests

Be chosen and recognized, speak with your clients: these are the keys for future opportunities in the world of hospitality. 
We know it’s not easy. It’s important to find points of contact with your guests and one of them is fighting together to save the Earth. 
The furniture of your rooms can make a difference. 

Rigyclò offers high-quality fireproof mattresses, made of more than 80% recycled and recyclable materials, without reducing the comfort and the endurance through time and keeping a good price-quality ratio. 
The best way to let your guests know that you are believing in the same values is demonstrating it with real facts. 
We know that today it’s really difficult to stand out but at least now it’s possible to have high-quality furniture and a clear positioning on the market. 
“Green” certifications, positive reviews, easy communication with your guests and a strong positioning on the market: this is what the Rigyclò project helps you to obtain.

Welcome your guests with care. 

And don’t forget to protect the Earth, that always welcomes you.

Benefits included with the choice of a Rigyclò mattress for hotels:

A plate for
the reception

Customized kit for your rooms

Discount coupon for your guests

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