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A mattress to dream about the future

The Rigyclò team is always looking for solutions which can give sustainability to our productive and economic future.
We choose partner companies believing in our same values: the importance of waste recycling and the reduction of the environmental impact due to the emissions of polluting gas.
We believe in the circular economy, in real actions and in the value of research and development.
Rigyclò mattress is a communal project, a shared idea of continuous improvement that is possible thanks to the collaboration of a network of aware and informed people interested in human and environmental wellness. 

Every Rigyclò mattress saves the ocean
from 143 plastic bottles

We need about 36 plastic bottles to create 1 meter of recycled yarn.
Our goal by 2025 is the production of fireproof mattresses that are all sustainable, for a total of about 25,000 mattresses per year.
Each mattress has more than 4 meters of yarn, so we could save the oceans and the Earth from 3.575.000 plastic bottles every year!

The smart polyester

Using recycled yarns the impact is neutralized


Using recycled yarns the impact is neutralized.
Let’s start from the yarns.
The yarn used to create Rigyclò mattresses comes from a technologically advanced process of plastic bottles post-use recycling.
We choose qualified partners involved in the safeguard of the Earth like us and we are proud to be part of a network operating in an eco-sustainable way. 

Recycling PET to obtain high quality polyester fiber means not only reducing the waste scattered in the environment but also eliminating the CO2 emissions due to the production of virgin raw materials. 

Production process
Virgin polyester
Recycled polyester

The recycled polyester selected by Rigyclò for its yarns is one of the most certified and traceable fibers available in the world and respects the highest standards of quality, resistance and reliability during the production. 
The final result is a comfortable and resistant mattress, with a clearer conscience.

Energy is life

Saving is even better than recycling!


Avoiding the production of virgin raw materials means not only the reduction of wasted resources but also the saving of a great amount of electricity.
So far it has been calculated that our partners have improved the air quality by avoiding the emission of 646 million kg of CO2 and saved electricity that could power 236567 houses for a year!

The steps

The virtuous cycle of Rigyclò

How we work

A virtuous circle is activated by the perfect knowledge of every phase of the production process, without overlooking any detail. 
The sustainable production that reduces the energy and materials waste and the CO2 emissions is only the first step. 
It’s equally important to involve reliable and skilled partners in order to conclude a real regeneration mechanism, removing wrong actions such as the wrong disposal of waste or the inaccurate logistics.

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